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Still bad problems with pcmcia and other issues


I tried wolverine on a Dell Latitude C800. Unfortunately the problems
with pcmcia are still there. The machine hangs solid as soon as pcmcia
start, solid means that I have to unplug the power supply and remove the
battery... even the power switch does not work.

The behaviour is exactly the same I found in Fisher. I did not report it
at that time since pcmcia were supposed to be buggy. On wolverine I
understood they should mostly work.

I know these Laptops as well many others from Dell are somewhat tricky,
also under RH7 and kernel 2.2.17 I had to compile the pcmcia package
with the pnp option on to get the cards working (as suggested on many
sites as a solution). If I take the wolverine kernel and recompile
it without pcmcia support, then the "external" pcmcia modules
(compiled from pcmcia-cs-21-feb-2001) work almost perfectly (scsi cardbus
ok, modem ok, still problems with the 3Com ethernet cardbus). Any
suggestion? One wish, please FIX all this pcmcia crap before the official

Now a couple of other wishes/questions:

a) Direct rendering: under Fisher there were all modules for getting
   hardware accelerated direct rendering for ATi Rage 128 and similar.
   Unfortunately they did not work on my laptop, the card was recognized
   all drivers loaded properly, glxinfo reported that direct rendering was
   enable but all OpenGL applications locked hard the machine. This
   behaviour is common to many other users of Dell laptop according to the
   mailing lists (but not all, some of them with different models
   succeeded). Now I was hoping to have improvements with wolverine, but
   I discovered that the proper X module
   (/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/r128_dri.so) is no longer there.
   I hope this is not a sign that RH will give up in fixing hardware
   acceleration at least for those cards for which drivers do exist
   The module reappeared in the latest XFree86 from rawhide, but when
   installed it hangs as in Fisher.

b) Joystick and similar support: both Fisher and Wolverine do not have
   it activated. I am successfully using a Logitech USB joystick since
   more than year ago under Linux. On RH62 it works like a charm. I hope
   that they will be back for the final release. I compiled the Fisher and
   Wolverine kernels to support joysticks and I discovered the support
   is broken at least for my one (Logitech Wingman Force, iforce module
   under kernels 2.4...). With the help of guys on the linux-usb lists I
   patched it, but they claim that the patch for this driver and many
   other patches are in the CVS tree of input devices. It would be nice
   to have the drivers working properly for the final release, at least
   those which were used to work already under RH6.2.

                 Alfredo Ferrari


|  Alfredo Ferrari                         ||  Tel.: +41.22.767.6119         |
|  C.E.R.N.                                ||  Fax.: +41.22.767.7555         |
|  European Laboratory for Particle Physics||                                |
|  SL Division / EET Project               ||  e-mail:                       |
|  1211 Geneva 23                          ||     Alfredo Ferrari cern ch    |
|  Switzerland                             ||     Alfredo Ferrari mi infn it |

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