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Re: memory leak?

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Mate Wierdl wrote:

> I install wolverine (networked workstation) on my Athlon (600Mhz)
> system.  I update the kernel to the one in rawhide to fix the problem
> with the tulip driver.  Everything is working very well.  I go home,
> come back next morning.  I move the mouse to wake up my screen.  Lots
> of trashing of the harddisk, and it takes 3 minutes to log in and for
> gnome to start up.

 If a screensaver kicks in (especially a random one) then most of
your currently used memory ends up getting swapped out (because it
is not in use) and first thing in the morning the system will take
a while to respond.  This is expected behaviour.  It's a feature!

 As for memory usage, gnome-terminal may have a background image
set, or have caused new fonts to be referenced, or both, which
could well increase memory usage significantly.

 Also some screensavers use pixmaps, and the server will tend to
cache these for a while, but that memory is no longer "in use"
after the screensaver quits, it's just empty space which the server
will re-use for other things.

Bill Crawford, Unix Systems Developer, GTS Netcom
work: bill ops netcom net uk, home: billc netcomuk co uk

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