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VM (?) issue still

Upgrading to kernel kernel 2.4.1-0.1.14 seems to have fixed the most serious
slowdown issues, but I'm still finding the system isn't as responsive as
before (this is an IDE box) when it was running plain RH7, especially during
disk access. It is also using a good chunk of swap despite a light load...
didn't do this earlier.

# free
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:        158956     143640      15316          0        532      25624
-/+ buffers/cache:     117484      41472
Swap:       272120      46744     225376

# vmstat
   procs                      memory    swap          io     system
 r  b  w   swpd   free   buff  cache  si  so    bi    bo   in    cs  us  sy
 0  0  0  46744  15188    620  25648   1   1     4     1  103   288   1   2

Restarting the various daemons does free up swap space, but... that's

Any hints & tips on how to diagnose the issue?



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