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Re: Back from locale hell ...

Jens Koerber wrote:

> sure, but I'm getting funny things like
> Tastenk )Bürzel on my screen ... (tux and its
> TastenBürzel ;-)

The )B seqence definitely looks like a ISO-2022-JP end multibyte

> b. disable all that japanese, multibyte stuff ?

Unless you installed Japanese and selected it, you shouldn't be getting
it. If you are, please file a bug report showing us how to recreate the
problem (I couldn't reproduce the problem just with the locale info you
gave). Japanese is important, but so is German (and French, Spanish,
Itallian, Russian, etc etc.), and they shouldn't be conflicting with
each other.

> And by the way ... what is the correct way
> to squeeze some german words out of
> gnome ?? (this worked fine under RH6.2
> with LC_ALL=de, but not anymore with

Let me clarify: you want German input and/or output with the ASCII
non-German capable C locale?

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