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Re: No printer

++ 05/03/01 01:21 -0700 - Chris Hilton:
> Hello Robert-
> I had same prob after fisher to wolverine.  First
> fix (tks Ted Gervais) was to copy
> /etc/alchemist/namespace/printconf/rpm.adl over
> /etc/alchemist/namespace/printconft/local.adl and
> that worked until I up2dated the printconf 0.2-1
> packages and then even that little dos i do didn't
> help.  I had to rpm -e 0.2-1, rm everything that
> was left in /etc/alchemist/namespace/printconf and
> rpm -ivh 0.2-1 again.  But wait, we're not done
> yet.  After I configured my printer, again, lpd
> would complain it couldn't find
> /sbin/printconf-backend.  So since the rpm
> installs printconf-backend in /usr/sbin/: ln -s
> /usr/sbin/printconf-backend
> /sbin/printconf-backend got it working again.
> Hope this helps.
> -Chris Hilton


looks like I've got more bugs to squish.

BTW, printconf-0.2.1-1 is better at thing's it doesn't
understand, and you can grab it from 


but it isn't signed ;)

"I may be a monkey,     Crutcher Dunnavant 
 but I'm a monkey       <crutcher redhat com>
 with ambition!"        Red Hat OS Development

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