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Re: Wolverine install progress reporting

On Sat, 3 Mar 2001 dsavage peaknet net wrote:

> Maybe I'm just being impatient here...
> I'm doing a first-time Wolverine install on a P/200 system w/40M of RAM and a
> new 40G ATA100 hard drive & Promise-100 controller.
> Thus far the install has been progressing quite smoothly (quite un-beta in my
> experience).  But I'm at the "Installing Packages" screen and, although the
> CD-ROM and HDD activity lights are on almost continuously, I'm not seeing
> anything in the way of package progress or total progress bars.
> Is it just taking its own sweet time formatting the various filesystems?

 It can take a very long time, especially if you tell it to check for
bad blocks while formatting ... and if you do that, there is no feed-
back until the actual mkfs begins.  This is a "feature" I guess.  On
a 486 I would expect to walk away and make at least one coffee, maybe
have a cigarette, eat ... a Pentium should be better for speed.

 That said, there are known problems with mkfs on large partitions if
you are low on memory.  This sounds like that sort of situation ...

> --Doc Savage
>   Fairview Heights, IL

Bill Crawford, Unix Systems Developer, GTS Netcom
work: bill ops netcom net uk, home: billc netcomuk co uk

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