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Re: am I the only one having trouble with the updates?

anvil amin unice fr wrote:

> No you aint.
> I did all updates i can with up2date, except for up2date itself.. it
> dont work, freezing a the beginning..

    Are you using the Fisher beta, or the Wolverine one?

> I got a question for redhat-guys. I have forgotten again the guinness
> cd1 in my cdrom drive. This cd is bootable (i'm not sure about this
> english word but you surely see what i mean) and i have been promted

            You can change that in the BIOS. When the machine is booting
just hold down the DEL key, in the Advanced BIOS settings, you should
see an entry for the boot process e.g. cdrom, a, c; ls/zip, c, cdrom,

> with "Hello i'm rh7.0. my name is guinness. whadaya want ? ;)". I have
> to eject, remove the cdrom from the drive & reboot on my hard drive.

            If this is what you get, then you're not using the Wolverine
or did you install the beta code *over* the GA (RH 7.0)?


                Elton Woo ;-)

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