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Re: am I the only one having trouble with the updates?

Elton woo wrote:
> anvil amin unice fr wrote:
> > No you aint.
> > I did all updates i can with up2date, except for up2date itself.. it
> > dont work, freezing a the beginning..
>     Are you using the Fisher beta, or the Wolverine one?


> > I got a question for redhat-guys. I have forgotten again the guinness
> > cd1 in my cdrom drive. This cd is bootable (i'm not sure about this
> > english word but you surely see what i mean) and i have been promted
>             You can change that in the BIOS. When the machine is booting
> up,
> just hold down the DEL key, in the Advanced BIOS settings, you should
> see an entry for the boot process e.g. cdrom, a, c; ls/zip, c, cdrom,
> etc...

I know this but.. if i dont want :)

> > with "Hello i'm rh7.0. my name is guinness. whadaya want ? ;)". I have
> > to eject, remove the cdrom from the drive & reboot on my hard drive.
>             If this is what you get, then you're not using the Wolverine
> beta....
> or did you install the beta code *over* the GA (RH 7.0)?

I did not used anaconda to upgrade from guinness to fisher and from
fisher to wolverine..
i've just did something like "rpm -Fvh *.rpm"..


	 Dams Nadé
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Association AMIN : http://amin.unice.fr/
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