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Re: how do all these kernel patches work?

Alan could probably answer this question a lot better, but here IIRC the
different 'sets' of kernels/patches combinations (and please correct me
if i am wrong somewhere):

linux-2.4.X.tar.[gz|bz2]:	Standard new kernel. Base for all patches.
patch-2.4.(X+1)-preY.gz:	Linus prerelease patch for the nkerext upcoming
base release.
patch-2.4.X-acZ.[gz|bz2]:	Alan Cox patch for current base. Often
includes Linus prerelease patches as well.

There is no direct correlation between the Y and the Z, at least not the
numbering. You usually have to check the
dates and see which date an ac-patch has, then you can loosely predict
which prerelease patch might have been used.

I also think that at least the basr releases and the prerelease patches
have changelogs included with which you can easily check if some patches
might actually fix problems you have.

So to sum it up, the newest things can usually be found in the
ac-patches, meaning cutting edge (and i mean it, you can cut yourself
sometimes with them, but some goes for a prerelease patch as for a
broken base release... ;). And in a new base release everything starts

Read ya, Phil

rpjday wrote:
>   i thought i understood this once upon a time, but apparently
> not.  what's the relationship between the 2.4.2 kernel, the "ac"
> patches, and the recently-announced 2.4.3-pre2?
>   i know that the frequent "ac" patches are alan cox's work,
> but i saw the announcement about kernel 2.4.3-pre2 at linuxtoday.com
> and went looking for it.  where the heck is it?  and more
> crucially, what is it and how does it fit into the kernel
> advancement scheme?
>   is there a short doc about all of this?
> rday
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