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Re: Netscape

Joshua Levitsky wrote:

Mike Chambers wrote:

Since netscape 6.01 is out, what will be the version that comes with the
next RH release?

I know 4.76 is with this one, but has the new one been tried out yet?

 I would say Red Hat should stick with the 4.76 browser until Netscape 6.5
comes out. Netscape 6.01 is more stable on Linux than on the Mac or PC
because of embeded device work they had to do, but it's still got problems.
Netscape 6.5 should be a much better thing to use. One of the many issues
is LDAP support. We use LDAP and 6.01 doesn't have LDAP support, but I hear
that 6.5 will. The lack of LDAP is in my mind a product killer in the corp
environment, but maybe I'm placing too much importance on it.  Also I have
had many troubles getting it to even function on 2.4.x kernels.

We'll be shipping Mozilla 0.7 not Netscape 6. 0.7 is a far cry better than the Netscape 6 release was.


Christopher Blizzard

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