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Re: Windows to Linux?

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Mike Chambers wrote:

> Well, for those that might be inclined to try and persuade me to go from
> win2k to total linux network, here are some of my issues that I would face.
> This is only for my current windows computer, other obviously is already
> running RH 7.

I will not try to persuade you to or from anything. That is your decision.
I do not really care. Having said that I will tell you that SOME of what you
want is EASY. See below. For brevity I am going to delete your comments on
anything I do not comment on.

> 2 = Video card is PCI NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 model 64/Model 64 Pro 32meg card.

Not 100% sure but my son just put together a new box and is using a NIVIDA
card. What I am not sure of is if it is exactly the same card. I think
that it is though.

> 3 = Monitor is gateway EV700.

I use an EV900 here. No problems. If you have the specs setting up a monitor
is trivial.

> 4 = CD and CD-RW, yes two sep drives.  Is the software out there to do
> normal stuff with the RW?  Can I still convert ISO's to cd within linux
> software like I can with adaptec?

2 Seperate drives are not a problem as long as you have the ide interface
available for it. Not sure about the adaptec stuff. Never used it.

> 5 = NIC is linksys and i know that is supported.

You answered your own question.

> 6 = Sound Card is PCI Sound Blaster Live!

This is supported very well. Again my son has one of these and It works fine.
Autodetected and all.

> 7 = I currently run Samba to transfer files back and forth between the two.
> Does it still work same way or is there a way to talk between the two from
> one of them and transfer stuff with out having to ftp?

Not sure of the question, but if you use nfs and autofs you can have
the ability to do something like cd /machinename/somewhere. I even have
this setup to do something like cd /WINBLOZE_MACHINE/d to get access to
the d drive. Is this what you want?? I have scripts that run from the linux
boxes to do things on the winbloze boxes until we can replace the winbloze
boxes (DHCP on winnbloze goes today or tomorrow, Exchange is next hehe).
As an FYI I have a bunch of legacy NT4 servers at work that we are
in the process of replacing as much as possible using linux. It makes for
some interesting research. What we have found so far is that our maintenance
of the system goes down with each task that we put onto linux. Linux
is in some cases harder to get setup initially (not as tightly intergrated)
but once setup and running the stability is MUCH better. In a server
environment this is a wonderful thing!! Yes, I realize you are talking
about a desktop for the most part but some of the same stuff applies to both.

> 8 = Can I talk between the two without having to telnet, like mounting a
> drive from one to the other and connecting them?  Then I can just cd
> /mnt/whatever and be able to just pretend it's all one computer?  Or is step
> 7 only way of doing that or safest way of doing that?

See 7 above.

> Anyway, just some thoughts/wonders/issues I thought of to initially push me
> that way.  If you reply, fine, if not, fine, no heartburn whatsoever.
> Hell might even be fun talking bout it hehe.

That is the point. Exchanging ideas is always a good thing IMHO. What you
decide to use is utilmately your decision. It is however nice to know all
of the options so that you can make an informed decision.



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