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Re: Wolverine updates don't like Nvidia TNT2? addendum

"Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Elton Woo wrote:
> >       Besides trying Xconfigurator, I also tried x86config,
> >electing "PS/2 mouse" (for the time being). Once I complete the
> >configuration, and invoke "startx", I get an error saying that
> >there is no config found for 8 bit resolution! (=false!)

Are you sure the correct server and config file are being used?

> >       I did select 1024 x 768 for *all* resolutions, choosing
> >24-bit for my default (this worked during the original install
> >of Wolverine). startx, when invoked after configuring with
> >x86config, has an additional complaint: "no screens found"!

This sounds like you use a XF86-3.3.x config tool and
are running XF86-4.0.x. Try removing teh X link, and all
the XF86Config* files in /etc/X11/, then run the config tool
again. I like xf86cfg, the RedHat tool is Xconfigurator.

Run the RedHat tool as:
  Xconfigurator --preferxf4 --nodri

> Bite?  I personally take offense to that since it is XFree86
> which is what the comment is being made about really.
> The reality is that your video card comes from a company that
> currently doesn't care too much about open source.  As such, they
> do not release specifications for their hardware so that people
> on the XFree86 team can fix bugs in the nv driver in a timely

That's only the 3D part. The info for 2D drivers is out there.
My TNT2-M64 works fine with both drivers.

> That said, I have an nvidia update which may or may not solve any
> problems you are having.  I havent added it into XFree86 yet, but
> will be doing so RSN.  Hopefully it will fix the problem you are
> seeing, but if not, please complain to Nvidia for not supporting
> the Linux community.  We can't reverse engineer their
> documentation from thin air.
> If you would like to know when the nvidia stuff gets in, let me
> know and I will add you to my XFree86 announce list.

Put me on it Mike :)

What kinds of changes are you talking about?

I have no problems running my card in 1280x1024x32
mode. It really sounds like a config issue to me.

I've got XFree86-4.0.2-1 from rawhide on a RH7.0
box with lots of rawhide updates and 2.4.2-acX kernels.
It's a AMD Slota T-bird and the first MSI MB, a beta BIOS,
and a MSI made TNT2 card.

My fisher/wolverine box has a Rage128 and a PIII that
belongs to my employer. As long as Winblows works, I
can play with the rest of the drive space :)


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