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Re: Wolverine updates don't like Nvidia TNT2? addendum

"Mike A. Harris" wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Elton Woo wrote:
> >

> >       ... hmmmmm, and this list seems deathly quiet. I guess
> >everyone else has Wolverine running smoothly with the updates
> >installed. (?) I knew that a beta would bite, but I didn't
> >think it would be as vicious as this!  :-(
> Bite?  I personally take offense to that since it is XFree86
> which is what the comment is being made about really.

	Why? My comment was not meant as a perosnl attack on
anyone. If anything, it was made out of sheer frustration.

> The reality is that your video card comes from a company that
> currently doesn't care too much about open source.  As such, they
> do not release specifications for their hardware so that people
> on the XFree86 team can fix bugs in the nv driver in a timely
> manner.  If Linux is important on a machine, it would make the
> most sense to buy a supported video card from a video hardware
> vendor that cares enough about Linux to release hardware
> specifications to their products.

	*Wunderbar*!!... the "OS/@ experience" all over again!
	I've looked at two linux distros, and I gathered (wrongly 
or rightly) that the NVIDIA card was supported in linux.

> So IMHO, it is Nvidia that "bites".  If you want good hardware
> that is supported in Linux, buy an ATI Radeon, an r128 card, a
> Matrox, or some other card from a vendor that works with the
> Linux community.

	AFAIK, and from what I've observed on the various linux
sites, the Nvidia got quite god marks. Perpahs I missed the news
where it was said that the company refuese to support the open
software community. Whilst the ATI adn Matrox are both made in
this country, my purchase was governed by price / quality /
*my personal budget*.

> This is true in general of ALL hardware in Linux.  Determine what
> is important to you before you open your wallet.  If you want
> hardware that kicks the Llama's butt in Linux, consult Linux

	I don't want the "latest and greatest" not "the biggest".
Again, my hardware decisions are made based on what I *reasonably*
think would work for my needs. 

> hardware compatibility documents, or ask questions before
> purchasing hardware.  Caveat emptor indeed.
	... I'm getting overwhelmed here. :-(
> That said, I have an nvidia update which may or may not solve any
> problems you are having.  I havent added it into XFree86 yet, but
> will be doing so RSN.  Hopefully it will fix the problem you are
> seeing, but if not, please complain to Nvidia for not supporting
> the Linux community.  We can't reverse engineer their
> documentation from thin air.
		If they *won't* suppord linux, then I won't buy 
their product. Period.

> If you would like to know when the nvidia stuff gets in, let me
> know and I will add you to my XFree86 announce list.


	.. at this point, I can't help but ask does this mean
that Mr. Gates and his company win hands down again?

	Somewhere in the dark, distant past it was said that 
computers were supposed to nake life *easy* for people...

	Elton Woo ;-)
	eltonwoo videotron ca - ICQ#9984432 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
	      Registered Linux User #193975. AMD-K2 CPU on board.
	"You only live once, so let's make life easier for each other."

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