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Re: Swap-eating Wolverine...

I've been debugging this over the last few days (each morning is the
only time it happens) and I'm pretty sure there is some kernel leakage
that gets aggravated by the middle of the night cron jobs...

The sizes I'm seeing match pretty well to a clean boot (that is no where
to swapping) for things like X, Netscape, etc. - and nothing
admits (according to gmemusage) to hogging up lots of memory - hence
thinking it might be the kernel...

My analysis so far has been on a laptop that is suspended for the
night.  Apm seems to be working fine (yeah!) the rest of the time, so
I'm not looking there.  However I can watch xosview show the slowly
growing memory usage each morning.  Restarting X and such things like
that has made no difference.  I've just been working on getting my
timing down so I'm not swapping like crazy slowing down trying to type

I've installed kernel 2.4.2-0.1.19 and will see if that seems to fix it.

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