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Re: Subject: Delete & Backspace in Wolverine:: -- Can't delete inFTP

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Bill Crawford wrote:

> an escape sequence.  The xterm behaviour is for the backspace key to
> send a backspace (^H) by default.  I actually change this to send a

Not as we ship it, with the defaults we have, DEL (^?) is sent for the
"Backspace" key.

> > Using command-line FTP from terminal/xterm window, there appears to be no
> > way to delete a character.  Neither <BackSpace> nor <Del> works.  You have
> > to resort to killing the whole line with CTRL-U or some such thing.

command line ftp is usually /usr/kerberos/bin/ftp, which doesn't link to
readline (the command line editing / movement library).  /usr/bin/ftp and
telnet do use readline.  This is a GPL library issue; the kerberos stuff
is BSD, we don't want to link to readline, which is a GPL (not LGPL)
library, as it would require us to relicense the kerberos stuff as GPL.

/etc/termcap and the terminfo supplied with ncurses do the right thing for
all our terminals/consoles for the programs that use them.  Programs that
automatically expect a certain key code to be sent to do a particular
thing, the situation is less perfect.  We are working to address those
applications as they come up.

  Preston Brown
  Linux OS Development
  Red Hat, Inc.
  pbrown redhat com
  +1 919 547 0012 x280

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