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Re: serial line is looped back

Pau wrote:

> I've installed/upgraded wolverline in 4 computers without a glitch, but
> now I hav a problem and don't find any solution.
> I have a US Robotics 56K Fax External modem and cannot make it dial
> successfully to connect to Internet. Kudzu detects it and the dialer dials
> -with wvdial- but, when it should login, it just drops the line with the
> following message in the log: serial line ttyS1 is looped back.
> It doesn't look like a winmodem but I'm not sure.

    If you're talking about the 3Com/USR 56 k Faxmodem Pro (external),
NO it isn't a winmodem. For that matter, if it's external, it should work.
Where do you have your mouse connected? IMHO, ttys0 should be for
the mouse, and ttyS1 should be for the modem. However, it's been a
while since I used my Faxmodem Pro, since I switched to cable...


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