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Upgrade to Red Hat Wolverine causes lock problems


I upgraded an MRTG system from Red Hat 6.2 to Red Hat Wolverine, the 
latest RH Public Beta, and immediately started getting truckloads of 
lock file error messages like the one below.  I've posted to the MRTG 
mailing list but did not receive a useful reply.  Has anyone seen any 
problems with cron double-running jobs? I checked bugzilla but didn't 
see anything.

ERROR: I guess another mrtg is running. A lockfile 
(/usr/local/mrtg/fmodsw-1hp.cfg_l) aged
2 seconds is hanging around. If you are sure that no other mrtg
is running you can remove the lockfile

I get many many of these.  The weirdness is that they are all only a
few seconds old.  It almost seems like the MRTG cron job entries are
being run twice.  To test this I moved the mrtg program out of the way
and wrote a short sh script to just echo the date/time and the command
line to a file and then run the real mrtg program.  The datestamp log
indicates only 1 copy is being run.

Has anyone seen anything like this?


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