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Re: matrox g450

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Stephen Adler wrote:

>I just bought a spanking new matrox g450 dual
>headed video card which sports 32Megs of memory
>and a ramdac which can toast any monitor....

Yes, and when I try to run X it tries to do just that (toast my
monitor).  ;o)  Fortunately my monitor kills the input and
displays "signal out of range".  Makes it difficult to say the
least to get a working display out of the card (which I haven't

>But, Xconfigurator could not get it configured at all.
>Basically, Xconfigurator managed to produce a config
>file which hangs my system running wolverine.

The problem is in X, not Xconfigurator.  The g450 patch works for
some and not for others, it doesn't do dualhead but I have a new
dualhead patch in my patch queue.

>I'm not sure how to proceed. Does redhat want a bug report on
>this? Or is it up to XFree86 to fix this problem. When running
>the XFree86 configuration utility, it claims to know what a
>g450 is, (at least there is an entry in the video card list),
>but I didn't know how to use it and basically ended up with a
>640x480 configuration.

Yes, please query bugzilla to make sure a bug hasn't been
reported already before reporting new bugs.

>If anyone has a g450 running, can you e-mail me
>your config file?

And me as well.  I'd like a config that works single head, and
another for dual head - assuming anyone gets video out of the
card with our packages.  Please indicate exactly which XFree86
release it is you are using, and if it fails please try the
latest release in my ftp space on people.redhat.com.  You might
want to wait a few days for 4.0.2a though.


Mike A. Harris                  Shipping/mailing address:
OS Systems Engineer             190 Pittsburgh Ave., Sault Ste. Marie,
Red Hat Inc.                    Ontario, Canada, P6C 5B3
http://www.redhat.com           Phone: (705)949-2136

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