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Re: Xinerama with Wolverine

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Matthias Saou wrote:

>Is there a simple way to configure Xinerama on Wolverine? Is it planned to
>add this feature to Xconfigurator for instance?
>Since I have one AGP and one PCI video card, what I did was boot once with
>each as the primary display (changed in the BIOS) and generated an
>XF86Config-4 file for each card/monitor separately then "merged" both by
>hand and that was it. This is because I wasn't able to get Xconfigurator to
>find the secondary card even when --kickstart'ing and forcing it with --card
>The only problem I still have is that I can't get OpenGL to work with my
>NVidia card (using the latest NVidia official binary drivers) when using
>Xinerama... the computer freezes and the last log entry I have after
>rebooting is "Loading NV-GLX".

Nvidia proprietary drivers are completely unsupported by Red Hat
Linux, as is any configuration using them, please contact nvidia
for support using their drivers, or use the "nv" driver that
comes with XFree86.

>When disabling the "glx" module from XFree, it works but with no OpenGL of
>course... any ideas if this is "normal"?
>Also, I suppose it's not possible to have hardware accelerated OpenGL on one
>display through the NVidia drivers and software rendered OpenGL (using Mesa)
>on the other, is this correct?

No I don't believe so.  Hardware 3D is not possible in dualhead
configurations using Xinerama I do not believe.  I think this is
a limitation in hardware, if not in the way Xinerama and X are

>I hope Xinerama will be trivial to set up soon, just like in Windows but
>without all the limitations ;-)

Just start X with:

startx -- +xinerama

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