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Re: wolverine kernel leaks

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Matt Wilson wrote:

> The main problem you're probably seeing is that swap space is not
> currently reclaimed for running processes in the 2.4 model.  Swap
> space is only reclaimed on process exit.  So if there is a leaky
> program like Netscape that gets swapped out, chances are that the
> amount of swap that it consumed will not get reclaimed until the
> program exits.  This isn't really that unexpected under several Unix
> VM systems.

And I have no problem with it as long as the machine does not lock.
I bought the memory and disk space might as well use it for something. :-)

> The problem about your machine locking up is more serious, IMHO.
> There are areas of the kernel that have very bad behavior in OOM (out
> of memory) conditions.  This can cause your machine to lock up before
> the kernel can take measures to recover from the out of memory
> situation, which usually means killing processes.  The killer seemed
> to have a bit of a slow trigger finger when actually doing the deed of
> killing.  I think this may be fixed in the very latest ac kernel (but
> I'm not sure).

If I upgrade to latest ac (running ac18 currently) and the machine runs
out of memory and swap and locks is this generally something alan and lkml
want to know about? I am never quite sure with this type of problem since
I thought (maybe incorrectly) that it was strictly a netscape problem.
I guess one could argue that netscape aggravates the problem but it is still
a kernel bug. When it starts thrashing, killing the netscape processes frees
swap and memory and all is well for another 2-3 days.


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