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Re: Wolverine ISOs

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Martin Sprenger wrote:

>Does anybody know if the Wolverine ISO images contain only "pure" ISO data or
>if they contain special headers or trailers I have to remove or specify in
>Nero to be able to burn them?

The .iso images on our site are raw iso9660 filesystem images
created with mkisofs, and contain nothing at all special or extra
related to cdrom padding data, etc.  They can be mounted directly
via the loopback driver for example.

If Nero can take a true iso9660 filesystem image and put it on a
CD, then it should work.

Also, I'd like to add that what a lot of people commonly refer to
in slang as an "ISO" image, is not in fact an ISO image at all,
but rather a proprietary CD image format containing other cdrom
program specific data or other stuff in addition to an intermixed
iso filesystem.  Any software that makes DAO images for example
do not give you an ISO filesystem image but rather a raw CD data
image - incorrectly referred to as an ISO.  I just had to mention
this because I find it annoying.

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