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RE: Almost a DoS...

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Juha Saarinen wrote:

>:: It comes down to 2 things:  security and convenience
>:: The two are 100% mutually exclusive.  It is unix policy to NOT
>:: have policy, but to leave that up to the system administrator.
>:: The mechanisms exist now today to handle all of these situations
>:: if one is in an environment where such a problem is a concern.
>:: One only need configure their system properly to prevent the
>:: above from doing any harm whatsoever.
>Point taken, Mike. Thought about it after I sent off the first email and
>yes, you're right... it's up to the admin to set the limits, so to speak.

We all know who would be all over slashdot if Red Hat werre to
default a system to enabling resource limits by default to some
restrictive amount.  ;o)

Take care,

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