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Re: Manually Updating

Having installed Wolverine successfully yesterday I am obviously an expert
on it.  But when I installed it I also didn't have internet access.  I am
running my computer on a LAN using coaxial with a static IP.  During the
install Wolverine asked for my network info.  Then when I rebooted the
machine, I lost my internet access.  It had totally messed up the internet
configuration I had given it.  Anyway, I had Gnome installed, so I just
went into the network configuration under settings and set the info. back
to what I had originally entered it as and it worked fine.

Hope this helps,

PS It might be useful to provide more detail when you report your error.
For example, when you say you don't have internet access, do you mean that
you don't have the hardware capable of connecting you to the internet or
is it just something wrong in the software/OS.  Also, how are you
connecting to the internet (dial-up, LAN, etc).

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Jon Robertson medevolve com wrote:

> My Wolvering box does not currently have Internet access.  That may sound
> silly, but oh well, that's what I'm dealing with.
> Is there a location where I can manually download updates?
> updates.redhat.com does not have a Wolverine directory.
> Thanks

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