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Re: Wake-On-LAN

   I'm having a few problems with wake-on-lan functionality under wolverine.
   After shutting down the computer using windows (dual boot machine) or
   using the soft-off power button leaves the machine in its desired state -
   ie wakeable when sent the magic packet.
   However, shutting the machine down from Wolverine (with 'shutdown -h
   now' or 'poweroff') leaves it slumbering deeply and totally unwakeable
   (unless I hit the "on" button).
   Is this just a network configuration problem, or is it specifically a
   wolverine bug? I wish I could try it with another linux installation, but
   I don't have one...

   The network card is an SMC 1211TX/WL PCI model, and is the only ethernet
   card in the machine.

   No sign of anything on bugzilla about this, or deja news.

   Any hints?

Wake on LAN works for me with an ASUS P2B-LS motherboard (including
built-in eepro 100) with Wolverine shutting down as you described, so
it's probably at least somewhat hardware-specific.  I know that when
Linux reboots or halts, it does something to make the machine do a
cold start on its next boot.  I believe that if you boot with an
argument of reboot=w (i.e., put append="reboot=w" in lilo.conf and run
lilo or explicitly type it at the lilo prompt) that the system will do
a warm start instead after a reboot.  This probably controls how the
system shuts down.  I think this is discussed in the BootPrompt-HOWTO.
I have no idea what this does with respect to an intervening
software-controlled poweroff, but you may want to try this and see
whether it helps.  If not, you may also want to try messing around
with ACPI options in the BIOS.

Just in case, here's the wake on lan code I use.

E. Jay Berkenbilt <ejb ql org>

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