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Re: netscape with Wolverine etc..

Ted Gervais wrote:

> I ran across a problem. This has come up after a few upgradings with
> Wolverine.
> For example, when I click on a url such as:
> http://www.ugrad.cs.ubc.ca/projects/cs319-a/g319-a07/World/home.html

                This one works.  The URL below *doesn't*. I just tried
it a few seconds ago.

> -  Netscape comes up with its url location as:

    ... and  _no_ Netscape didn't redirect me to this incorrect link, I
tested  it by
clicking on it.

> file:/home/ve1drg/.kde/share/apps/kfmexec/tmp/1540.0.home.html
> and a box pops up and says:
> "netscape is unable to find the file or directory named
> /home/ve1drg/.kde/share/apps/kfmexec/tmp/main.htm
> "


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