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Re: Lilo

On Mar 25, 12:18pm, Ethan  Bonick wrote:

> I updated my wolverine with no problems and updated
> the lilo.conf file to point to the new kernel or
> whatever in the /boot directory and rebooted, it
> worked fine then I shut down and today only LI comes
> up when I started the computer. I had to fdisk /mbr to
> get my NT  partition back. Does anyone know why this
> happened and how I can get back in since I didnt
> bother to make the boot disk? 

Did you run lilo after updating lilo.conf?

The install disk can function as a rescue disk; you might
try that.  If that doesn't work, you might try tomsrtbt.
See http://www.toms.net/rb/  (tomsrtbt has saved me on more
than one occasion in the past.)

For something like this, I'd mount the root partition and
then use chroot to make this partition the new root.  Then
run lilo, exit your chroot shell, unmount, and reboot.


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