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PPPoE init scripts


I am using an ADSL connection and first my modem (Alcatel Speed Touch Home)
was configured to handle pptp.
I got an old pptp binary compiled under RH6.2 that worked fine. (It would
not compile under RH 7.0 nor Wolverine because of some inet_aton declaration
pb I do not remember well, sorry)

I also wanted to try PPPoE so I reconfigured my modem to this mode and use
the internet-config tool to create my connection and choose "start at boot"

I have all the S80pppoe but no K20pppoe which causes my modem not to work
after a reboot because the session was not terminated properly.
That is a bit anoying because I have to remember to launch "adsl-stop"
before shuting down the computer otherwise the modem will not accept any new
session (apart from switching it off for a couple of minutes and then back


PS: BTW : why pptp is not a choice for DSL internet-config ?

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