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Re: PPPoE init scripts

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 06:27:13PM +0200, Jerome Neuveglise wrote:
> I have all the S80pppoe but no K20pppoe which causes my modem not to
> work after a reboot because the session was not terminated properly.
> That is a bit anoying because I have to remember to launch
> "adsl-stop" before shuting down the computer otherwise the modem
> will not accept any new session (apart from switching it off for a
> couple of minutes and then back on).

You should be able to create the symlinks with chkconfig or something
like ntsysv. Just set to 'on' for the runlevels you want, and 'off'
for everything else. It was probably the install routine that muffed
> PS: BTW : why pptp is not a choice for DSL internet-config ?

Probably because it is so rarely done that way (in most of the world).

I'd be curious to know if your connection is 'better' with PPPoE? And
if so, how. <idle curiosity>

Hal B
 hal foobox net
 hal burgiss net
 hburgiss bellsouth net

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