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Re: xfs

Stephen Adler <adler bnl gov> writes:

> > > I assume redhat developers are fully aware of this.
> > > Will it come out in 7.2?
> > 
> > You mean "The fully supported Red Hat release which comes after the next
> > fully supported release?"  :-)
> I would be very impressed if Redhat got xfs into 7.1.... 

We haven't announced the next release to be 7.1... that being said,
xfs is obviously not going into that release, and wouldn't even it 1.0
was released today. We don't add features like this after the first
public beta.

> So I figure they should be able to get it into 7.2?

We haven't announced anything called 7.2, but the release after the
next release may or may not contain it. To do that, it needs to be
stable and preferably in the main kernel - but at least, somewhat
approved with Linus, so we don't end up with compatibility problems

Trond Eivind Glomsrød
Red Hat, Inc.

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