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Installing on 3ware controller?

I'm trying to bring up the beta on a machine whose only disk is behind a
3w-6800 card, all in one big (538GB) RAID 5 set.  The card has been updated
to the latest BIOS (BE6X  When formatting the filesystems, I
get large numbers of card resets and the following errors on the screen:

3w-xxxx: tw_scsi_eh_abort(): Abort failed for unknown Scsi_Cmnd 0xdefaXX00,
where XX varies.

/proc/scsi/3w-xxxx/0 shows 40 aborts.  The formats eventually succeed after
about 30 minutes, and the install progresses, but it does so very slowly.
It wasn't done after two hours, estimated time remaining was on the order
of three hours, and things just weren't moving.  There is plenty of disk
activity at every phase of the installation.  This is a 1GHz Athlon; these
machines (wth normal IDE disk) usually install in about twelve minutes.

My best guess is that the kernel driver in 7.1beta is somehow incompatible
with the new 3ware BIOS.  I'll create a striped array just to test that
it's not a problem with the RAID 5.

Past that, does anyone have any tips for getting more than 15 partitions on
a single "SCSI disk" (as a 3ware RAID set shows up as)?  I really need more
partitions than the limited number of device minors will give me.  Is devfs
the answer?  Is it supported under 7.1?

 - J<

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