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Re: Alpha

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Glen A. Foster wrote:

>> We do not have anything called RH7.1beta.  ReiserFS is something
>> very very very NEW, and it has bugs that are being discovered all
>> the time.  They're getting fixed, but I'm sure more will be
>> found.  Our kernels are very likely to have any known fixes
>> included that do not cause problems in themselves.  There is no
>> guarantee however.  When in doubt, try the latest rawhide kernel.
>Mike is very correct in his assertion.  Until ReiserFS is proven to
>be a reliable file system that doesn't show data corruption, you can
>pretty much bet it will remain as "EXPERIMENTAL" and get no support
>for a Red Hat released-product.  We believe in a good mix of stable
>packages/versions and latest-and-greatest "cool" stuff.  A file
>system that is known to corrupt data violates the "stable" part.

It also violates the "cool" part.  ;o) Filesystem corruption
caused by reiserfs is definitely not cool.  ;oP

I've finally de-reiserfs'd my last reiserfs partition.  I'm going
to wait for one of the 3 main journalled FS's (reiserfs,ext3,xfs)
to mature before experimenting much again.  I urge everyone else
to do the same as well, unless they feel like being guinea pigs.


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