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Re: Alpha

> From: "Mike A. Harris" <mharris redhat com>


> It also violates the "cool" part.  ;o) Filesystem corruption
> caused by reiserfs is definitely not cool.  ;oP

 Have you seen any serious corruption that was not related to the
"tail packing" algorithm/code?  I'm worried now ...

> I've finally de-reiserfs'd my last reiserfs partition.  I'm going
> to wait for one of the 3 main journalled FS's (reiserfs,ext3,xfs)
> to mature before experimenting much again.  I urge everyone else
> to do the same as well, unless they feel like being guinea pigs.

 I've been happy with it so far ... there's sometimes data corrupted
after a crash but only (so far) in files that were open at the time of
the crash, and I'd seen similar damage with ext2, so I believe that's
primarily down to VFS behaviour and the ordering of disk writes.

 I mount with the "notail" option on all the partitions (and "noatime"
on most of them), hence my question ... if there is, I may switch back
sometime.  But I really don't miss the ten-minute fsck every time I
test something unstable in the kernel/driver department :)

> ;o)

/* Bill Crawford, Unix Systems Developer, ebOne, formerly GTS Netcom */
#include "stddiscl.h"

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