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Re: Alpha

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Bill Crawford wrote:

>> It also violates the "cool" part.  ;o) Filesystem corruption
>> caused by reiserfs is definitely not cool.  ;oP
> Have you seen any serious corruption that was not related to the
>"tail packing" algorithm/code?  I'm worried now ...

No I haven't personally seen any corruption at all since I
stopped using reiserfs.

>> I've finally de-reiserfs'd my last reiserfs partition.  I'm going
>> to wait for one of the 3 main journalled FS's (reiserfs,ext3,xfs)
>> to mature before experimenting much again.  I urge everyone else
>> to do the same as well, unless they feel like being guinea pigs.
> I've been happy with it so far ... there's sometimes data corrupted
>after a crash but only (so far) in files that were open at the time of
>the crash, and I'd seen similar damage with ext2, so I believe that's
>primarily down to VFS behaviour and the ordering of disk writes.

Exactly - disk corruption is disk corruption..  If it doesn't
occur with ext2, and does with reiserfs, it doesn't really matter
much where the bug lies IMHO.  I follow bug reports on reiserfs,
but not close enough to recall exactly what the issues are.

> I mount with the "notail" option on all the partitions (and "noatime"
>on most of them), hence my question ... if there is, I may switch back
>sometime.  But I really don't miss the ten-minute fsck every time I
>test something unstable in the kernel/driver department :)

I'd love to get rid of the 35 - 45 minute fsck on my box, but not
at the expense of having to reinstall due to disk corruption,

It's much easier to say "it's experimental" and "YMMV" than to
give the gory details.  I leave those up to the true sleuths out
there.  ;o)

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