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Re: Alpha

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001 dek_ml konerding com wrote:

>> >How about installing the alpha version of Red Hat 7.1beta (wolverine),
>> >not rawhide?
>> >Is the alpha installer broken in wolverine too?
>> Wolverine is not 7.1beta, it is 7.0.91 beta, and there was/is no
>> release of Wolverine 7.0.91 for Alpha.
>OK sorry for being misleading.  I just call it "7.1beta" because I get
>tired of saying/typing "7.0.91".

I'm half serious, half humorous there.  ;o)  Also, it takes less
keystrokes to type 7.0.91 than 7.1beta, plus they're all on the
numeric keypad, so I have to bust ya on that one.  ;oP


>> We do not have anything called RH7.1beta.  ReiserFS is something
>> very very very NEW, and it has bugs that are being discovered all
>> the time.  They're getting fixed, but I'm sure more will be
>> found.  Our kernels are very likely to have any known fixes
>> included that do not cause problems in themselves.  There is no
>> guarantee however.  When in doubt, try the latest rawhide kernel.
>Oh, I agree.  It's experimental, I've been experimenting with it.
>In the course of my experiments I noticed it can't be used as an
>exported FS over NFS.  There are patches to fix this but they aren't
>part of the kernel and won't be, because the kernel developers decided
>reiserfs on 2.4 won't support NFS.  However, I thought it would be a useful
>feature for those of us who are experimenting with file servers which will
>be replacing our current fileservers (running on ext2).

Ok, I am not personally 'up' on the reiserfs/NFS issue, but I'll
take your word for it.  Reiserfs has enough issues, that I am not
surprised if this patch gets left out for now.  It is best if
reiserfs gets fixed first.  Allowing it to work over NFS, will
mean it gets used more in "enterprise" servers (ick I hate that
word), and that means a lot of customers are more likely to lose
important data.

At this point, if I understand correctly, we have included
reiserfs solely for experimental use and troubleshooting.  It has
debugging stuff enabled, and as such it is not very useful in a
production environment anyways.  Some want the debugging stuff
disabled, but that defeats the purpose of including reiserfs
experimentally in the first place.  Reiserfs usage is basically
caveat emptor.  One who really really needs it and wants to
experiment more with the cutting edge of development should
likely be using a customized kernel anyway.

All IMHO of course, but I would guess others here also mirror my
thoughts.  I'll let them speak for themselves however.

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OS Systems Engineer             190 Pittsburgh Ave., Sault Ste. Marie,
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