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RE: Nvidia drivers

Heh, "the best" is not possible right now. I already spent my $185 for this
card. (it was supposed to be supported in linux...8^(   )  Can I edit
something in the directory that the tar.gz created to work around this??

Jeff Sadler

PS: Or I could take up a collection for another 3d-accelerated card that is
supported.  <smiles>

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"Sadler, Jeffrey M." <sadlerj pwfl com> writes:

> I was able to get the drivers loaded in RH 7.0, but cannot seem to get the
> things to cooperate in Wolverine.  The rpm installs did not work for me, I
> got errors that were not within my expertise (or lack thereof) to solve.
> now I am trying to install from the tar.gz files.  I follow the readme
> instructions for installing, but get the following error:
> 					kernel headers should not be used
> but headers from a proper..... (can't remember it all, and I am not near
> machine now)
> I installed the source, kernel headers, and newest kernel from rawhide via
> rpm.  Can anyone shed some light on this??

Bug in the NVidia, which tryes to use /usr/include/linux instead of
the headers for the current kernel 
( /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/include )

The best thing to do is to buy something which actually releases specs
and makes it possible to have a standard XFree driver.

Trond Eivind Glomsrød
Red Hat, Inc.

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