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Re: Nvidia drivers

I've been trying NVidia drivers since their first much anticipated
release.  My results have been frustrating and dissapointing.

First, when I tried them with kde1.x, I found that installing the
NVIDIA libGL killed kde.  Apparantly the lib was not binary compatible
with the mesa libgl that kde was linked with.  IIRC relinking fixed

I have tried the latest, but the X server won't even run.  Running X
-probeonly spits out a list of unresolved symbols.  I believe this is
with a clean RH7.0 X installation (not updated).  Yes, I know some
other people have it working.  My guess is it's dependent on the
Xconfig setup.

But wait, there's more!  Oh, you wanted to try the new AA fonts?  Too
bad!  The nvidia server doesn't have the RENDER option.

Oh, BTW, trying to install, test, uninstall the driver is hazardous.
Besides screwing around with renaming some GL libs, you also
(according to nvidia's instructions) need to change some options in
your xconfig.  Installing the NVIDIA_GL package will move the old GL
libs - but after it doesn't work and you need to uninstall it I think
you have to fix things manually.

Have fun.

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