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Re: Download Open Mail

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Frederico Madeira wrote:

> This version of RedHat Linux include any Mail client that change messages
> with a Microsoft Exchange Server ??
> If not, where i download the openmail for Linux ???

Hello Frederico,
	To save you from grief, may I rephrase your question?

How can I retrieve e-mails from a MS Exchange Server that
only has MAPI support enabled? That means that it does not
have POP3, IMAP, POP3S, IMAPS enabled or even WWW mail access enabled?

Your best shot is to have your friendly administrator enable one
of the above protocols. IMAPS, IMAP with SSL is nice and secure.

OpenMail, afaik, does not offer a client to retrieve e-mails using MAPI.
When asked, they said that it was a bussiness decision so that
they can support their own mail server, OpenMail.

I am not aware, at the moment, of any client mail software that has
managed to reverse-engineer the MAPI protocol.

Additionally, the fact that Microsoft has not released the specs
for MAPI is another bussiness decision.


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