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Re: Application launch detection

> ->  But: Are there *any* chance to get this extension into the official
> ->  XFree86/OMG source? Is it desirable?
> i think getting it into free86 wouldn't be too hard - and that would
> solve nigh everyone's problems :) i'll have a chat with mark today and
> see if there wouldn't be any objections.

Sounds good. People has told me Xfree86 uses the pristine OpenGroup
code. Do you know if this is true? In that case, maybe the Xfree86 team
are reluctant to make changes. 

But, assuming they are willing to make changes, we must specify exactly
what we want. People has wished, for example:

1) Window property with PID. 
2) Window property with machine hostname. 
3) A mechanism transferring an environment variable to an window property
4) A mechanism doing some signalling upon XMapwindow (via XSendEvent, for

1+2 is nice, but not perfect for app launch feedback, for reasons
discussed earlier (eg. scripts etc).

3 is quite general, but as I wrote earlier, it's difficult to use for our
purposes. As I understand it, no reliable solution exists for detecting
such XChangeProperty events. I'm not an Xlib expert though...

4 is best for app launch feedback, IMHO, 

/Peter Astrand <astrand lysator liu se>

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