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Re: Application launch detection

On 10 Nov, Sam Lantinga scribbled:
->  Havoc Pennington wrote:
->  > 
->  > raster rasterman com writes:
->  > > i alreayd have a PID and LAUNCH_Id property workign via an LD_PRELOAD
->  > > hack the launcher uses for apps - works like a charm (XCreateWindow,
->  > > XCreateSimpleWindow and XReparentWindow are wraped and hacked to
->  > > forcibly set these and other properties)
->  If I were to have SDL support this, would I do the following:
->  1. In SDL_Init(), set the PID property
->  2. In SDL_SetVideoMode(), which maps a window, set the LAUNCH_ID
->  property

problem right now is you'd have to knwo what your launch_id was - we'd
have to pass that along in some environment variable i guess :)

->  SDL is Simple DirectMedia Layer: http://www.libsdl.org/
->  SDL uses two windows to easily manage windowed/fullscreen transitions,
->  but only one window is used for keyboard and mouse input.  Should I set
->  the properties on both windows?  Does anybody have some sample code with
->  the proper sequence of calls?

only the toplevel window that is mapped needs the properties :)

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