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Re: Application launch detection

> Yes, as do WindowMaker and Xalf, but the point of specifying these is
> to let toolkits support them natively and dump the LD_PRELOAD hacks.
> LD_PRELOAD is unportable, 

It works on Linux and Solaris. For other platforms, it's possible to fall
back on using "mappingmode" (Xalf term), eg. just check for when an window
is mapped. 

>slows down the linker


>collides with other
> LD_PRELOAD hacks, 

Sometimes. Linux supports multiple libraries in LD_PRELOAD. This fact is
used in Xalf 0.4, and seems to work. 

It's also possible to patch XLib directly (and maybe use LD_LIBRARY_PATH).
Most people agree on that if XLib could set the PID and hostname as atoms
on the windows, this would be a good thing. I've tested to patch Xlib
directly, so that XMapWindow sends an signal upon XMapWindow() and it
works great. The patch is about 10 lines. Apps could check if the Xlib
extension is available, and if not, fall back on LD_PRELOAD etc. 

But: Are there *any* chance to get this extension into the official
XFree86/OMG source? Is it desirable?

>and just generally sucks.


/Peter Astrand <astrand lysator liu se>

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