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Re: New menu standard

George wrote:

> My feeling is that we can leave quite a bit up to the implementation, and
> that way we don't loose flexibility in the future.  The three biggest things
> are 1) giving concrete place for 3rd party developers to put .desktops in 2)
> not depending on any set menu structure 3) properly merge KDE, GNOME and any
> other menus.

I'm not sure if a concrete place is a good idea....well actually something 
needs to go in a concrete place alright, but I'd prefer to see some sort 
of xml file ie. menu-locations.xml for the location of the .desktop files

	<item>blah blah blah</item>

but then we gotta try and decide how the vfolders fit into this....and if
this is to be successful, then things need to be heirarchical...
ie. does a user vfolder override a group/system override a distribution etc..?

	Anyways...just some initial thoughts,
			Glynn ;)

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