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Re: session management subtlety

"Matthias Clasen" <matthiasc poet de> writes: 
> I think the XSMP is already pretty explicit that per-SaveYourself saving of
> state is required:
> Advice to Implementors:
> If the client stores local any state in a file or similar "exernal" storage,
> it must create a distinct copy
> in response to each SaveYourself message. It must not simply refer to a
> previous copy, because the SM
> may discard that previous saved state using a DiscardCommand without knowing
> that it is
> needed for the new checkpoint.

I'm an idiot, you're right. And no doubt the original gnome-libs
implementor had seen this.

So my observation is limited to "lots of apps don't save their session
correctly," I think. e.g. kwrite clearly doesn't - if I open three
files, and save session, I still get the same "kwrite -session
blahblah" line, which implies either insufficient state saving
(opening same number of windows on restore is required), or saving
state per-session-ID. Also, Metacity is screwed up. ;-)


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