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Re: base directory spec

On Friday 06 December 2002 21:54, you wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 09:29:54PM +0100, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> > I don't understand why you keep /etc/X11/desktop othogonal to e.g.
> > /usr/share. The way I see it you have "user-specific, host-specific and
> > non-specific" with:
> > user-specific -> ~/.desktop
> > host-specific -> /etc/X11/desktop
> > non-specific -> /usr/share
> >
> > I don't understand why you would want to say: "applications.menu must
> > either be host-specific or user-specific." What's wrong with having a
> > shared version under /usr/share?
> What I was thinking is "/etc is for configuration, /usr/share is for
> data" such that any given file would belong in sysconfdir or datadir,
> not potentially both.
> Reading the FHS, I don't see anywhere else to put shared configuration
> other than /usr/share, so I understand now what you are saying.
> Is DESKTOP_DIRS used only for configuration? e.g. if I have some data
> files, I don't know, say desktop backgrounds (/usr/share/backgrounds
> or some such), would I put a host-specific background in /etc?

Sure, why not? I don't think it will be used much but why not allow it.

> The FHS would seem to ban that on the grounds that it's not
> configuration. But I can't tell you where else you'd put a
> host-specific desktop background.
> Making a little table:
>                   Host-specific       Shared         Arch-specific
> Configuration     sysconfdir            ?               ?
> Data                  ?               datadir        pkglibdir
> Is there a well-accepted thing to put in the "?" cells?

In KDE we use $KDEDIR/share/xxx (shared) and $KDEHOME/share/xxx 
(user-specific) for the various sorts of data and config is a special case of 
that in the form of $KDEDIR/share/config and $KDEHOME/share/config. 

I have never noticed a particular strong demand for host-specific locations 
but it is possible to add e.g. /etc/kde/ to the lookup paths for config files 
in addition to $KDEDIR/share/config and $KDEHOME/share/config.

> Does DESKTOP_DIRS need to be interpreted differently depending on
> which cell a file falls into?

If you want to include host-specific locations I think you have the choice of 
either saying 
a) /etc/xxxx is part of DESKTOP_DIRS. Then both config as well as other data 
could be stored under /etc as well. 
b) /etc/xxxx is not part of DESKTOP_DIRS but config data is looked up under 
both DESKTOP_DIRS and /etc/xxxx. In that case I would start with reserving a 
specific location under DESKTOP_DIRS for config data, e.g. 

bastian kde org -=|[ SuSE, The Linux Desktop Experts ]|=- bastian suse com

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