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Re: [menus] pending issues

>  - any of the file location stuff. This is basically "use the base
>    directory spec" and also "add an arch-specific location for desktop
>    entries" and also "move to /etc/desktop or something not /etc/X11"
>    I guess blocking here on the basedir spec - I've always sort of
>    ignored FHS discussions because I really don't like them or care,
>    but I guess I'll have to develop an opinion. ;-)

Bleh. Good luck. The FHS as a standards body is in my opinion (flame way)
a waste of space. I've been monitoring the list for who knows how long, and
have yet to see them actually decide on anything, despite the fact that the
same questions arise time and time again. If this list were to take custody
of the spec that'd make my day - things get done here.

>    So basically you need a) where these desktop entry copies live
>    and b) how they are garbage collected. That could remain 
>    GNOME-specific, or it could be in the spec. I dunno.

What about entries that are deleted/moved, then their .desktop file disappears
(ie it's uninstalled). Is there any specified system for eliminating "dead"
entries in this way? Otherwise menu definition cruft would accumulate. Oh - this one
also bit me in a way I wasn't expecting: I installed our foobar test app, the menu
entry appeared, deleted it from the menu then uninstalled the app. OK. Reinstall the
app, and of course the menu entry doesn't appear. Although it could be argued it's
better to persist move/delete changes between installations, users conventional wisdom
says that when you install an app a menu entry appears regardless of what might have
been done before - if anything, "reinstall the app" is a common tech support answer so
it'd be bad to have things magically remembered between sessions in that way.

Garbage collection - I'd say it should be in the spec. Not complicated, and otherwise
different desktops may end up conflicting over it (ie one user logged in with kde, one with
gnome, who garbage collects?)

>     - "user files" are those that are inside $HOME; all elements from
>       "user files" are tainted, and are stripped out of the final
>       merged <Menu> if the menu is locked. <Locked>/<NotLocked>
>       elements are ignored in user files. This means that
>       if <Locked> is added, user edits vanish; but it also 
>       makes $HOME kind of oddly magic.

I'm just a random stranger dropping on by, but I'd vote no to this. If admins are
going to lock down menu structures, it's probably as part of a managed LAN deployment
in which case the menu locks will be in place before the users start using the system.

If the parts of the menus suddenly vanish because a user accidentally enabled "Admin lock
mode" or something, that could cause issues - I clicked this button to see what it did, and
now random menu entries have disappeared!

Mike Hearn <mike theoretic com>

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