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Re: VFolder questions and concerns

Havoc Pennington wrote:
6. The X-Red-Hat-Base keyword

It seems that any .desktop file that does not have the X-Red-Hat-Base
keyword gets relegated to the Extra directory. The way I understand it
this is the implementation of a sort of
user-sophistication-level. I.e. this is used to only present the
important items to regular users.

What is the policy on the use this keyword? What about other
distributions? Will third-party vendors one day need to specify:

This is an attempt to solve the problem that if you put all the stuff
we ship in the menus, the menus are completely unusable.

Of course on any sane system, the answer would be "don't ship all the
stuff," but there's a delicate compromise we're trying to navigate
between the desktop and the traditional Linux user.

So X-Red-Hat-Base is "a single best default application of each type"
and other stuff is "all the other things we ship."

How it translates to ISV apps is up for grabs. Clearly all ISVs will
want their stuff in -Base not in the "More" or "Extras," and clearly
the result will be users get unusable overcluttered menus...

(To me this is more evidence that the UI should be based around a flat
list, with various filters/sorting, and a nice
Favorites/panel-launchers mechanism.)

I think the X-Red-Hat-Base keyword has already been poisoned, and for
RH 8.1, you are going to need a new "Base" keyword.

For whatever reason, RH 8.0 shipped with no way for 3rd party apps to
either automatically float to the 2nd level of the menu, or for the user
to easily make this happen with some kind of clicky-clicky GUI. Presumably, if the user went to the trouble to install a 3rd-party app then they actually want it to get some priority in the menus.

The end result is that 3rd party apps have been forced to use the
X-Red-Hat-Base keyword to get reasonable menu placement. The well
is poisoned, so Redhat will need to use: X-Red-Hat-Base-This-Time-For-Sure if they want that category to mean anything in RH 8.1. Of course, if the underlying deficiency isn't corrected, that category keyword will also get poisoned. Rinse, Repeat.


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