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Re: Proposed Icon Theme Spec Change

Rodney Dawes <dobey free fr> writes:

> Hi,
> I would like to propose changing the Icon Theme Spec to store icon
> themes in a manner consistent with the Metacity/GTK+ themes. I
> would like to see them stored in $(datadir)/themes/Name/icons/.
While consistency would be nice, I'm not sure that it is
worth changing things at this point and breaking the existing
> I will also be preparing a final draft of a Theme Spec proposal to be
> included in the FreeDesktop standards and specifications. 

Final draft? Has there been an initial draft posted here?
I don't think we can have a final draft prior to discussion :-)

> This proposal will outline a filesystem heirarchy for themes, and will
> include references to API which will be placed into libelysium as
> a starting point, soon. If there is any particular format this
> proposal should be in, please tell me now, otherwise it will be in
> HTML, along with API documentation which will be generated by gtk-doc.

Most of the other specs are done as DocBook XML.
You can copy an existing spec, say 
as a template.


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