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Re: gconf

On Mon, 2002-12-23 at 14:02, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 09:37:51PM -0400, hector wrote:
> > could it be posible to take gconf from the gnome project and turn it
> > into some kind of general place to store desktop information, like
> > the windows registry?
> > 
> Yes, for sure. (Though it's unlike the registry in many ways,
> it's only really similar in that it's a big set of key-value pairs -
> but then so are many things in computer programs. ;-))

It is a centralised repository and that is the same concept as the
windows registry and it is a concept I hope linux does not follow. It's
problematic in distributed system scenarios. For example, I constantly
switch between a fixed desktop system and a laptop. I use unison to sync
(bi-directional) almost everything under ~ (I exclude .*).

Applications that have all their data in the one directory tree, under
~, make this possible. Such as ~/evolution. Apps that store data in
~/thisapp and also in gconf make this problematic.

I've no problem with gconf as an api for storing key/value pairs used
for prefs. I do have a problem with all such key/value pairs being
stored centrally.

I'm just a user. Can you comment on the approach?



Jeff De Luca
Nebulon Pty. Ltd.

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