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Re: VFolders isn't a standard yet

Waldo Bastian <bastian kde org> writes:
> On Sunday 07 July 2002 08:32 pm, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm not sure what provoked the sudden interest in the vfolder spec,
> > but let me reiterate that no, it is not a standard. It is only a
> > proposal that George made.
> Since this vfolder spec seems to be fashionable, where can I find it?

It is here:

Andreas and Glynn made me realize that it only contains the .desktop
file mods, and the /usr/share/applications directory. So it implies
that you need a file that defines the hierarchy, but doesn't specify
the format of that file. I believe we really ought to do that  (go
ahead and specify the format).

I have a couple quibbles with the gnome menu spec file format but
think it's fairly sane in general outline. It's an XML file
(hierarchical since the menus are hierarchical), and you give the
".directory" file for each folder, and then a sort of match pattern
for which .desktop files to put in there - you can include things that
have a particular category, exclude things with a particular category,
and include/exclude particular desktop file names.

I can post the exact format later on today.


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