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Re: VFolders isn't a standard yet

On Tuesday 09 July 2002 09:45 am, Raphaël Quinet wrote:


> did agree).  If I change the .desktop files after the installation,
> the menus are messed up every time I upgrade a package.  I do not
> think that any package manager would respect my local policies
> regarding the menu structure and still allow the installation, upgrade
> and removal of packages to work correctly.

This is rather straight forward to be solved in the package manager. If the 
files are not moved around manually by the administrator but by the package 
manager the package manager knows[1] which files to replace when the package 
is beeing updated. So I really do have the impression that the flaw is with 
the package mananger not with the menu hierarchy.

[1] On of the important differences of a package manager like rpm and a "make 
install" is that the package manager keeps a reverse mapping in a db since 

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