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Re: Comments on VFolder spec

On Tuesday 09 July 2002 02:55 pm, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> There are some obvious ways to do it (the simplest way is to create
> one of these files in the user's home dir, just using <Include> and no
> queries). But if you want to try to pick up newly-installed apps in
> the user's edited menus you have to be more clever.

With the directory based approach we mark applications "hidden" when we move 
them and ten copy the .desktop file somewhere else. With this format you 
could almost do the same by adding <Exclude> on the original location and 
<Include> on the new location.

Is it possible to merge two such files though? Otherwise you would need to 
copy the file to the user's home dir first and then make the changes, but 
that means that changes made at the system level to this file will no longer 
propagate to the user.

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